Friday, 19 August 2016

Graphic Tablet Review Huion New 1060 Plus.

Hello everyone!
I know I know this may sound kinda weird, but I was offered an opportunity to make a review on a budget type graphic tablet from the company in China named Huion. Some of you have asked me what tablet am I using instead of my mouse and when you found out the name and the price, you got upset. I can understand your frustration, my tablet was also a gift for me. I wouldn't just jump into buying one straight out of my pocket.
But hey! The tablet I was lucky enough to review is actually a very good one and also a very affordable one, so if you are interested, here are the 3 videos  with the detailed review and links for buying as well as the 5% off coupon code.

Company: HUION
Model: NEW 1060 PLUS
Join HuionArtistSupport Group on DeviantArt:  http://huionartistsupport.deviantart.... 
Use Coupon: FU7WQ259 (5% off, available for all amazon stores below,expired date: 11/30/2016)

Thanks and I hope it will be useful for you guys!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Stamp & Tutorial Sellection Tables

Hello everyone!

This is a specific post that shows the exact ordering numbers for the Mandarin Duck Texture Stamp styles. Please use the exact numbers from the picture for the exact styles you like. 
I will be sending you out a Kickstarter Official Survey and will be waiting your style selections in return. Thanks :) 


Monday, 23 May 2016

Baby Saphire Dragon Locket

Hello everyone and welcome!
Today I am willing to show you my newest necklace.
This is a Baby Saphire Dragon and he has only hatched out of his egg a few days ago. He is a little cutie and he loves to spend all of his time sitting in the shadows of the leafs and drinking dew drop water.

I love his cute face expressions and I am feeling content with how small this pendant actually is and how detailed it managed to come out. So far it is the smallest dragon by age and size I have ever created.