Sunday, 25 January 2015

Dragon Journal Tutorial from Polymer Clay (Part 1)

Hello everyone!

I am so glad to announce that the 1st part of the Dragon Journal video is finally out and I am in the middle of editing the second part of it. It's a long video and quite a time consuming.

Unfortunately, as this project was a custom order, I rushed to send it to the client and ended up forgetting to take professional pictures of it. So now it's gone forever,  but at least we will have a video of how it was made and I hope you guys will be able to learn something from it. 
So here it is! 

Click on this picture to watch the video now.

Here are some work in progress pictures I had made with my phone.
 Stay tuned to for the 2nd part of this video closer to Friday!

Thanks for reading! 
Have fun, 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Hello! I am "Dottie" tool set!

This tool set is perfect for cutting out small holes in polymer clay for the decorative and functional purposes. It is also great for making organic and geometric textures. Originally those elements are used in electronics. I just made this little set for you so it's more comfortable to use and easier to buy. That's all. Enjoy and have some fun! More instructions in this video! :)


Only 50 sets available for now so don't miss this opportunity!



Floral Journal Tutorial

Hello my sweet honey bunnies and other visitors!

I would like to be quick and to share with you my latest Floral Journal tutorial! It is A6 size and is made from Premo polymer clay. Here it the tutorial ( click on the words under the picture!)

And here are some more photos of the journal and you can see even more on my Flickr Page