Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Hello! I am "Dottie" tool set!

This tool set is perfect for cutting out small holes in polymer clay for the decorative and functional purposes. It is also great for making organic and geometric textures. Originally those elements are used in electronics. I just made this little set for you so it's more comfortable to use and easier to buy. That's all. Enjoy and have some fun! More instructions in this video! :)


Only 50 sets available for now so don't miss this opportunity!



Floral Journal Tutorial

Hello my sweet honey bunnies and other visitors!

I would like to be quick and to share with you my latest Floral Journal tutorial! It is A6 size and is made from Premo polymer clay. Here it the tutorial ( click on the words under the picture!)

And here are some more photos of the journal and you can see even more on my Flickr Page

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

"Nature's Footprint" Journal

Hello my sweet honey bunnies!

I would like to share my latest project with you, a journal which I called:
Nature's Footprint".

As some of you may remember, my little doggie Mailo did participate in this project himself.
By creating this journal I wanted to rise awareness about animals and nature. Surely there was a lot spoken about saving our Planet, keeping the endangered species alive, but my heart felt like it wants to talk about it more. 
As you obviously understand I created this simple journal from polymer clay. As you can see it is an animal's paw that is imprinted on the dry deserted soil. The actual paw is filled with water ideologically and with resin on material level
With this I wanted to say: "Where there is peace and nature, life will always find the way". As you can see all the plants and beetles are crawling towards this source of fresh water, meaning, nature will always find a way to survive, but.. with a little help of us, humans, with a little footprint we can leave,  perhaps it would happen much faster.
I am a part of Greenpeace project, a very small part. I do regular donations and even if my input is very small, still it is something. I feel like I am this little footprint. A little oasis of water for a few plants and bugs. Very small, but life changing. 

It may feel like you are a little drop of water in the ocean, but as the famous book "Cloud Atlas" says: "What is the ocean if not a multitude of drops?". So I do believe that together people are a great ocean of beautiful souls. People may become angry, greedy or evil, but their souls will always remain bright and loving. They just need a little burst of love to penetrate through this selfish shell,  and to free up the immortal loving soul.
By this project I would like to rise some financial support for Greenpeace. If you could share this post with your friends and donate as much as you can for any of Greenpeace projects, perhaps today you will save a life of a tiger, a tree or clear one drop in the ocean for the well fair of the whales.

I wrote to Greenpeace with all the ideas about donations and fundraising events this journal could do if I would donate it to them. Let's see what they will reply! I will keep you updated!

I do believe that one day we can save our Planet.
Love and peace,

Here are some other pictures of the journal and work in progress: