Sunday, 1 June 2014

Diana Shulce Palma and Her Clay Spring

Every day on Facebook I see hundreds of polymer clay artworks. Not always I can notice all the pearls and beauties, but some of them can't pass by unnoticed. 

This floral headpiece made by Diana Shulce Palma was made from our polymer clay relative - air dry clay. I never had an experience of playing with it and when I was in Riga last time I purchased a pack of Daisy Air dry clay but I never opened it. Never felt quite inspired to make flowers. Still every time I see all the amazing things artists can do with it, it takes my breath away. 
When I saw this piece I decided that I want to buy it straight away and as it's owner is a member on My Clay Fantasy group it was very easy to contact her. 
Item arrived very fast and when I opened the box I couldn't believe my eyes. It looks real! Not just beautiful but very real. Hide this piece in a sakura blossom and you will never find it again.
Besides the beauty factor this piece of art is also very well technically made and in spite of it's fragile look it is very flexible and sturdy. Of course you can't drag or pull it same way you wouldn't do with any fine silver chain, little fragile things, but it can survive an accidental drop on the floor and nothing will fall off it. It is also very light in all meanings.
Diana also makes rings and necklaces with air dry clay and apart from that she also likes making a very festive looking vintage jewellery where she implements air dry and polymer elements, too.

These pieces are perfect for weddings, for all sorts of braid's maid accessories, for a romantic date. Flowers have always been the best decor for a female and so it will fit for all occasions. 

Besides of all the jewellery making skills Diana has she is also a very friendly person and she lives in my motherland, Latvia :) So if you are interested in seeing a lot of feminine, gorgeous beauty on your Facebook wall, you can happily CLICK HERE to like her page.
And before you go and like Diana's page check me out wearing her amazing Sakura headband.

Diana Shulce Palma
TUTORIALS and Air dry clay flowers:

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Wait for me by the Lighthouse ( end of the story)

Some of you may remember that I had a pair of journals made with a female and male bunny about a year ago. Here is the picture to refresh your memory :) 
The main story of these journals was that both male and female were separated when they were very young lovers and they only managed to find each in another 10 years. So my journals are showing that particular moment of their date by the lighthouse. They both became much older, but they still recognise each other and she is holding a bag in her hand that looks like a lock, the lock from her heart. And he still has a key to this heart lock, meaning that he still loves him. And of course she does as well, especially because for 10 years she had someone that would everyday remind her about him while they were apart... their child. READ FULL STORY.

So the idea of this pair of journals was that they would be sold together and I proposed this idea in my Etsy shop. But one day the female journal was purchased by a guy from England and he refused to buy the second one. This made my heart hurt, but of course from the business side of view I made a sale and I was happy. And so the year passed and the journal wouldn't sell. I brought it with me to
Malta Synergy conference and many of you had seen it in person and who ever had a chance to speak to me heart the story of this and the second journal. In the end of conference I gave away all of my journals and only left one of them with me, the other bunny journal. 
Yesterday I sold a journal with a beetle and this made me very happy, but something felt weird. I recognised the name of my customer and it had a little green star next to it meaning that this is a return customer. I checked and it was the same guy who purchased my female bunny journal. 

You can imagine how happy I was that he came back! The fact that he came back meant two things for me. First, his wife had finished the first journal and second, she needs another one. And why would she want to have a beetle journal if there is a second part of the bunny story for her. So I wrote a message to the guy and offered him bunny journal half price just so that his wife can have them both and keep them together. Also, because he came back for another journal, I knew they don't waste them, they fill them in and then keep them. Otherwise why would he come back to me? Not for the paper quality, right? :)
And so to make the story short, he decided to buy the beetle journal and the bunny journal together and he was very happy to have a discount. He is not a very talkative man and after a massive story I wrote to him he only replied in one line. But this one like made me completely happy and now I am feeling content and I know that the wondering of two loving souls is now officially over. The bunny family is safe and sound. 
As you can see polymer clay means much more than just sculpting to me. I am a story teller and I am very very grateful to God that this unfinished story is now found it's happy ending. I can now silently say:

"All so all three of them lived happily ever in England, Gloucestershire!"

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Skinner Blend Leaves

Recently I was making couple of journals and I had a lot of skinner blend left over. I decided to play with it and came up with some nice elements which I really liked and I decided to work on them on a more professional level and made a tutorial and some brooches and also a beautiful necklace.
I hope you like these! I will let you guys know when the tutorial is out so you can see how I make them.

And here is the necklace. It is not yet assembled, just put together! I am waiting for super glue to arrive lol :) I like how organic it looks like and it will perfectly fit my evening dress which is also indigo blue.