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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Meet Snowie (Ready!)

As I promised straight after showing my work in progress I am writing this. I don't think that any text is necessary here. Let the pictures speak for themselves.  I enjoyed my self portrait photoshoot and I am sure Snowie was happy to finally appear on Facebook and Blogger pages after so much anticipation.

And of course some more pictures of Snowie on it's own.

And of course the bunny bum xoxox

I truly hope you enjoyed the final pictures and I am sure we will see and hear from Snowie and his friend Beannie very soon as they settle down in my room.

Thank you so much for all of your support,
Please let me know what if you like Snowie (in comments below).

Have a lovely day,

Meet Snowie (Work in Progress)

Hello my sweet honey bunnies!
Today I am so excited to share my amazing toy making journey which started in the end of January when I got so much inspired by amazing soft toys made by Santani. After that I spent the whole month sketching, trying out different ideas, inventing the character and the whole line of creatures. I had to find a perfect animal mix and some of them looked good and some were weird.

I loved the idea of a snow leopard but the antlers looked a bit too long and just didn't feel right. So I decided to start working on the body and just see how it goes. I ordered some lovely artificial fire on Ebay and as soon as I received it I jumped into patterns. This was the hardest part and I can honestly admit that I really lack of pattern making skills. I kind of have artistic mind, architecture and 3D vision, but making a toy was hard. See for yourself. Professional seamstress would just give me F+ for this :) 
But it was fun and even if the shape of my creature was quite primitive, somehow I knew it will work.
I started working on the paws and I made them from Fimo Classic polymer clay (black) and then painted with acrylic paints and varnished afterwards.

This was the first time I posted up a picture on Facebook to tease you guys and made you guess who do these paws could belong to. When the paws were ready and got attached to the body I could clearly see that the second animal in this little cute fluffy monster's body is a bunny. For quite a long time, I would even say for couple of weeks, I was busy at work and couldn't get myself to finish Snowie and so he remained soul-less in the plastic bag waiting for the right moment.

Then came the day of face sculpting and I jumped into it and wouldn't stop until I was done.
The process was quite time consuming and I was wondering how will I make a face that is curved inside to follow the shape of the head. Here I can be grateful to my workplace which happily donated me a glass mannequin head about a year ago. It was a perfect shape and so I started to work on it.

I think there is no need to say that I spent the whole day making this face and I was so glad that I made myself this fur brushing tool. It makes life so much easier. Closer to midnight after 3 separate bakes and adding and adding layers and textures I finally finished the clay part and also managed to completely do the paint job on the face. So here is before and after shot. I really like them both.
I went to sleep excited and woke up early this morning to continue working on Snowie. 

Snowie was born on 19th of February 2014 and received a beautiful heart (sawn into his body) which I bought in one of Brighton Beach shops this winter. So Snowie is not a toy, he is a creature with a heart and a soul and I am waiting for one of the kind spirits to get inside Snowie and live there. They say that if a toy is very loved by a child, then kind spirits of our universe can decide to live inside the toy and feed from child's love. In return they will work the protective powers on a child so that he is always healthy and safe. I like this kind of spirits. I am welcoming mine x.

This post is way too long so I will post up the final result pictures in the next post in a second :)

Thanks a lot for reading.
Lots of love

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Hello my sweet honey bunnies!
Today I would like to introduce you to my very first ever made soft toy  - Beannie
Beannie is a mix of possum, snow leopard and a baby deer. He was my experimental project which helped me to understand the process of making soft toys. He is full of imperfections as he was made from an old T-shirt and was stitched with dark blue thread and painted with acrylic paints. Some of his body parts are of course made from polymer clay. 
Creating Beannie was quite easy, but also challenging and time consuming as me and sawing are two  things that don't mix (as I thought before). In school I was one of the worst girls with creative household things like cooking, sewing and knitting. But then I was only 12-14 years old. My mind wasn't ready for it, OK? 

So here he is, little creature from a planet BEANOU, and although he is one big imperfection, he is now my favourite toy, I cary him with me everywhere and I put him to sleep every night in a coconut shell bed and I always make sure he has extra blanket underneath him so that he feels comfortable while watching his beanie dreams. 

Beannie likes to learn new things and is very curious creature. He can spend hours sitting next to me and watching me work or paint. He is so dedicated that he doesn't even move and you need to be extra careful to see how sometimes he blinks and nods his little head as if he is confirming everything I teach him. He is a perfect companion to slouch on the couch or to watch a movie. We do so many things together and he is always there wondering and learning. 

Beanie is only 4 days old and he is one of a kind. Recently I was thinking about my childhood and remembered that I haven't got any childhood toys left in my mom's house. We gave them all away to children in need, to those kids that haven't got parents and are not adopted. We have quite a lot of places like this in Latvia and I am glad that perhaps my toys became good friends for some of them poor guys. 

I hope you like my new little friend. Please let me know what you think of him in comments below.

Thanks a lot,