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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Floral Journal Tutorial

Hello my sweet honey bunnies and other visitors!

I would like to be quick and to share with you my latest Floral Journal tutorial! It is A6 size and is made from Premo polymer clay. Here it the tutorial ( click on the words under the picture!)

And here are some more photos of the journal and you can see even more on my Flickr Page

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Garden Updates

Just a quick one :)
Today I filled up 5 bird feeders with seeds and peanuts and went away to work for couple of hours. Then I came back to this!!! What a jungle! x
Can you see the squirrel on the tree feeder as well as 4 parrots? There was another squirrel outside the photo and 14 pigeons in total scavenging on the floor! They have this perfectly established system. Squirrels and parrots work on the top and pigeons gather on the floor level. Nothing goes to waste! Yay!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

My Garden Friends

This is just a short post in my blog diary to post up about the creatures that visit our garden.
We have a family of Jays, 2-3 squirrels, about 3-4 foxes passing by every day regularly, magpies, pigeons ( roof is their home), and today also a pair of green parrots joined the party. I managed to take a picture of a jay and one of the parrots together and then the parrot and a squirrel. Was taking pics from my kitchen window, so it's not a perfect quality, but Ashley says he will try to attach a GoPro camera to the tree next to the bird feeder and then we will be able to see videos of them eating. This will be so exciting. But for now enjoy these two pics!
It's October the 18th and it is 20'C outside. Very warm days for October.

Thanks a lot for reading,

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Hello my sweet honey bunnies!

I missed you a lot because I was very busy moving house. It's been 2 months since I moved but some parts of it are still in quite a messy state! Although I would like to share with you some decorating progress! Less talk, more pictures:
Make sure you click on them to see them bigger!

And yes, my studio is not ready yet to show to anyone :)
My bathroom turned to be very green and modern oriental style

This is my kettle and toaster set from Morphy Richards
This is how we decorated the doors of both flats and the first entrance room which is communal. Beannie is a little guarding spirit!

This is the living room and Ash is responsible for arranging things in it. I helped with accessories.