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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Red Sea Dragon

Hello everyone and welcome!
Today I would like to present you my latest journal - The Read Sea Dragon.

I have done quite a few dragon journals so far, but this one has a special twist as this is a water dragon and it is presented in a way as if he is swimming in water. I particularly liked how the air bubbles manifested in the progress of my creation. I fantasise as I go and many of you know it already. These little bubbles appeared unexpectedly when I wanted to add some sparkle to the journal and found these matching blue cabs in my supplies. 

This journal was made as a custom order for a very interesting client. Her daughter is a little bit colour blind and she doesn't see dark colours. Therefor the journal was supposed to be made in bright and vivid tones, with a lot of visible colour changes. I also decided to add a lot of different texture to water, so if there would be something she wouldn't be able to see, she would definitely be able to feel all the waterfall of textures, smooth and patterned. Anything you want. 

The second favourite element that I really really like is how I accidentally placed the golden elements in between the feathers of the dragon's wings, but when they were all placed, they started to look like packs of little golden fishes that all came to see and meet the dragon. Particularly because the little golden elements were previously a part of the chain, so each and every one of them has a little eye-hole :) What a wonderful coincidence. So I had no choice but draw little spiky tails behind each golden element to make them look like little fishes completely. 

I loved to work on the smallest details of the dragon's body. The journal is only A6 in size, so the little dots and swirls are less then 1mm in diameter. 
Also, I think that the combination of bright and deep reds merged with the teals and purple-blues are contrasting beautifully with the golden accents on the dragon's body, wings and horns. 
For more pictures of this and other journals please visit my Website Gallery. 

Thank you for still being my follower, 

Monday, 23 May 2016

Baby Saphire Dragon Locket

Hello everyone and welcome!
Today I am willing to show you my newest necklace.
This is a Baby Saphire Dragon and he has only hatched out of his egg a few days ago. He is a little cutie and he loves to spend all of his time sitting in the shadows of the leafs and drinking dew drop water.

I love his cute face expressions and I am feeling content with how small this pendant actually is and how detailed it managed to come out. So far it is the smallest dragon by age and size I have ever created.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Red & Black Dragons. Cake Topper.

As the winter is starting to die down, many people are already starting to plan ahead their holidays, birthdays and weddings. It is a nice feeling! Closer the spring is coming, more revived I am starting to feel, too. It's like we are almost through the darkest night and the first rays of sunset are about to show over the horizon, making the colours of the sky brighter, lighter and warmer.

This time I would like to indulge your curiosity about the new things I made with some photographs of my newest work, the Red & Black dragons cake topper. 

This cake topper took some time and practice to make, as I am not a figurine making professional. By saying this, I still did the job well, but all I wanted to say, that I do not specialise on 3D figurines like that, so it was challenging to make a carcass, wire, foil and all that. 
My customer wanted to have black and red dragons as these are their wedding colours, she said. 
Of course red and black would have gone greatly with gold and shimmery crystals, so I decided to make it exactly like this. In the beginning I was planning to make clay wings, but when I tried on the metallic gold plated ones, I really loved the effect. I know they are not big enough for the dragons to fly, but when making an artistic figurine like this, all that matters is that it looks good and lovely. They are here for loving and hugging anyways, not for flying. So tiny little wings add more cuteness and softness to their silhouettes. 

When working on this project, I made the dragons first and then the round base. It was quite a challenge to understand how I wanted them to be positioned as the base was sticky and every time I placed the dragon on it I was scared it will stick to it. Therefor I covered the base with cling film and then I was playing with the dragons until I was satisfied with the placing. Miraculously their tails entwined together as if they were forming a top of the heart and so it was only obvious that their hands need to be joined together at the very bottom, to form the bottom of the hart, the sharp peak of it. So this came as a complete surprise for me. I felt like some miraculous powerful and loving force was guiding me. 
After the main composition was established, I have placed the dragons on the base permanently and started working on the textures of their skin first. It took me a few hours to cover the whole of their bodies with the scales, but with the help of DOTIES it was so much easier. Dotties saved my life million times when it comes to dragon skin.
After that I used an extruder to make the multiple amounts of swirls that formed a wonderful armour like back decor. For the legs I used extruded and hand rolled fine and thin swirls. Was quite a challenge too. But it wouldn't be interesting otherwise, right?  My client also wanted to have some orange colours on the red part,  but I didn't feel like adding orange clay or painting some parts over. Therefore I decided to add subtle effect of "orangey-ness" :) by adding orange or fiery crystals and gold. Gold is yellow and it will automatically soften and make the red colour warmer to appear as more orangey. 
As you can see I have also used the ultimate Mandarin Duck Stamp (Organic) as it is perfect for larger scales of dragon skin or pebble looking background. I can't tell you how many times I have used this stamp! This one is definitely a keeper for me, for you and for the next upcoming collection. 

Anyways... The sweetest part of this journal I think are the two little hands that the dragons are lovingly holding together. It was important for me to show the tender and sweet connection between these two dragons, just like the real personalities behind these characters, they are deeply in love with each other. 

You can see more photos on my Flickr Page. 

Thank you very much for reading, 
Love & Peace, 

Monday, 17 August 2015

The Nectar Dragon Journal A5

Hello everyone!

For the last week I was working on this newest journal "The Nectar Dragon". This journal was a custom order for my client's daughter. She loves everything dragon related and UK related. So finding an artist in London to make a gift for her daughter was a real treat and very exciting for my client and I am sure will be greatly appreciated by her daughter. 

My client wanted to have a tree, a dragon and sunset on the journal cover, but she wanted the dragon to be quite detailed, so we came up with the idea of having tree branches instead of the full tree. The main object is obviously a baby dragon who is drinking the nectar from beautiful flowers. He doesn't have wings yet as he is still a baby. Those will grow later.

I wanted to create a sunset on the background, but I wasn't sure how to do it, and so I decided to give the background a subtle feel of purple-pink colour change, as if the sun is about to rise or about to set.  The small leaf theatres on the background are to imitate the idea of some foliage in the depth of this composition. 
I always struggle to create full on 3D pictures, but I think this time it doesn't look very flat. Sometimes it is more important to remain on the safe side when you can't allow yourself to make mistakes because of time  or material limitations. Otherwise you should go and practice, experiment and succeed or fail. All these things are parts of one big activity called "learning curve". 
And so here is the journal!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Dragon Journal Tutorial ( Part 2)

Dragon Journal Tutorial from Polymer Clay (Part 1)

Hello everyone!

I am so glad to announce that the 1st part of the Dragon Journal video is finally out and I am in the middle of editing the second part of it. It's a long video and quite a time consuming.

Unfortunately, as this project was a custom order, I rushed to send it to the client and ended up forgetting to take professional pictures of it. So now it's gone forever,  but at least we will have a video of how it was made and I hope you guys will be able to learn something from it. 
So here it is! 

Click on this picture to watch the video now.

Here are some work in progress pictures I had made with my phone.
 Stay tuned to for the 2nd part of this video closer to Friday!

Thanks for reading! 
Have fun, 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Dragon Whistle (story continues..)

Hello my sweet honey bunnies!

You probably remember a post I posted few weeks ago about the dragon whistle and a little girl who was supposed to receive it. Today I would like to proudly show the pictures of a happy receiver.
Her face will say it all!

Here she just discovered the box, opened it and tries to understand what these
 bits are and the dragon is still in the package.
And here she already unpacked it! 
And this is the letter the Dragon Whistle Maker Man wrote to her :)

I really enjoyed this project and the outcome was fantastic. Projects like this really make me feel good and happy. I wish I could have more of them :)

Thanks a lot for reading,

Friday, 10 October 2014

"Dragon Whistle Man's" Story

Couple of months ago I saw a post on Facebook written by my very dear friend from Latvia. She was telling her friends a story of her daughter’s obsession with dragons.
Apparently the little girl was given a dragon book as a gift for last Christmas and since then she became completely obsessed with dragons. This book contained a specific dragon alphabet as well as the address of a place based in London, where as the book says, they are making dragon whistles that can summon a real dragon. The girl was confident enough to learn the whole alphabet and to write a letter to London, but wasn’t old enough to send it via post and the mentioned address didn’t even exist in real life, so her mother said that she will see what she can do.

I contacted her after seeing this post and we came up with a plan. She really wanted to keep her daughter’s dream for longer but she also didn’t wanted to tell stupid stories to her daughter which would later on end up being a lie. 

After my suggestion she told to her daughter:

Maybe aunty Mandarinka knows how to get this letter to the right addressee. Maybe the Dragon Whistle Man just changed an address.
And so they sent the letter to me to find out where the "Whistle Man" lives…

So I received a letter and had to translate every letter from dragon language to Russian letters to find out that in this letter she expresses her sincere will to obtain one of these whistles, but as she doesn’t have any  money she offered her favourite toy for exchange for the whistle…
So I couldn’t resist and I made a whistle for her and I wrote her a letter that says:

Dear Aljona,
I was very pleased to receive your letter as almost no one these days writes to our little whistle shop and we only check the post there once a month. I am very pleased to tell you that we still have some whistles left and each of them is attached to a particular dragon. We are not selling them any more and are just keeping them to ourselves. But I was so pleased to see your interest that I decided to just give it to you for free.You can keep your favourite toy. Usually I would never give to anyone one of our precious whistles, but just because you are so young and I am very proud that you are interested in dragons, I will make one just for you.
I must tell you something you should know. Dragons existed on our planet long ago together with Dinosaurs and long after them , but because many people started to hunt them for their skin and teeth, dragons started to die very fast. The remaining dragons decided to migrate deep in the mountains of our Planet Earth. Some other legends and people are saying that dragons became invisible and are now living amongst us but in parallel dimensions, like kind spirits. Dragon’s stopped trusting people and so we can’t see them anymore.

Although we are still keeping our whistling tradition and every first Sunday of each month we are going to a particular place and we are whistling in hope that once the dragons will forgive humans and come back to us. For many hundreds years our grand grand fathers were doing this, but we didn’t see anything. Some whistle obtainers sometimes report finding a tooth or a dragon scale, but they like to keep it to themselves, so we don’t have any examples to prove that.

So before you have your whistle, you need to know how to use it.
It’s not a regular whistle even if it may look like one. Sometimes you will notice that it doesn’t sound at all, but if you blow hard enough it can make a loud sound.
The idea is not to make a lot of noise with it. The idea of “dragon whistling” is that you blow into the whistle very slightly and think about the dragon, imagine it. Dragons that live in parallel dimensions can’t hear the whistle anyway, but they can clearly feel your thought about it and a vibration of your breath, as if you would be there next to him. So thoughts are your best friends to connect with dragons. You don’t see them, but they may choose to see you and everything you are doing if they will become close to you.

Try not to whistle too often. As legends say, dragon’s don’t like a lot of noise, so whistling once a month, like we are doing it, on the first Sunday of each month would be just enough to let the dragon know that you love him , that you remember about him and that you would love to see him. All the rest will be up to the dragon. He may never come. But as they say, if you haven’t seen something, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. So keep trying and keep believing.

Unfortunately as a whistle maker I can’t promise you more than that. I myself never saw a dragon, but I am a person from the family of ‘dragon whistle” makers, so I keep my family tradition and make whistles whenever someone requests one.
My grandfather once brought this beautiful turquoise piece of skin that looks just like a dragon skin. I can't be sure that it is, but I cut a little piece of it to share with you. I am sure you will like it.

I am wishing you good luck.
Ernest Mortor Drake

I hope you enjoyed my story and with all my heart I wish that this little girl would love the story and wouldn't make a big deal of it, still would keep dreaming about dragons and feel happy about having such a precious whistle and a piece of "potentially" a dragon skin!
On it's belly it says: "Faithful to you".. in dragon language, of course :)

Thank you for reading this story, 
Hugs x