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Monday, 3 November 2014

Dragon Whistle (story continues..)

Hello my sweet honey bunnies!

You probably remember a post I posted few weeks ago about the dragon whistle and a little girl who was supposed to receive it. Today I would like to proudly show the pictures of a happy receiver.
Her face will say it all!

Here she just discovered the box, opened it and tries to understand what these
 bits are and the dragon is still in the package.
And here she already unpacked it! 
And this is the letter the Dragon Whistle Maker Man wrote to her :)

I really enjoyed this project and the outcome was fantastic. Projects like this really make me feel good and happy. I wish I could have more of them :)

Thanks a lot for reading,

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Garden Updates

Just a quick one :)
Today I filled up 5 bird feeders with seeds and peanuts and went away to work for couple of hours. Then I came back to this!!! What a jungle! x
Can you see the squirrel on the tree feeder as well as 4 parrots? There was another squirrel outside the photo and 14 pigeons in total scavenging on the floor! They have this perfectly established system. Squirrels and parrots work on the top and pigeons gather on the floor level. Nothing goes to waste! Yay!