• Mandarin Duck Texture Stamps are made from High Quality Polymer, which is a great, flexible and durable material for different craft mediums such as Polymer Clay, Silver Clay, Porcelain, Papercrafts and more. 
  • The transparency of the stamp and it's organic shape gives you more control over your design, giving more choice and possibilities for your artistic expression.
  • The stamps are naturally sticky from the back and non-sticky from the front and come sealed from both sides with transparent film. This is a perfect way to store your stamps when you are not using them. 
    If you choose to use these stamps mainly with inks, then you can attach them to an acrylic block and wash them in lukewarm water with washing up liquid after you are finished with your project. Allow to dry naturally. After drying out, the back of the stamp will become sticky again and you can place it back onto acrylic block or into original package. 
    If you choose to use these stamps for texture stamping on different types of clay, I suggest to wet-spray them before stamping to reduce the risk of the clay sticking to the stamp. Different release agents can be used as well as water. I love using talcum powder or cornstarch!

    I like using my stamps for different type of projects, so when I use them with inks, I stick them onto acrylic block and stamp away my designs on paper. When I am done, I will wash it in water and let it dry naturally. Then I will pack it back with two plastic films and store it this way until I need to use it with clay. 
    When clay time comes, I wet-spray the stamp from both sides to ensure great deep imprints and easy release. After use I will wash the stamp in water with a little bit of soap, dry it naturally and store it between two plastic films provided in the package. This way the stamp remains multifunctional.


    • Store in between two plastic films provided in the package or store on acrylic block.
    • Wash in lukewarm water with some soap or washing up liquid.
    • Dry naturally
    • If you don't plan using your stamp with anything else but clays, then perhaps you would like to cover the sticky back part with cornstarch or powder. 
    • With such easy care these stamps will last for years and will serve their multiple functions without problems. 

    Dotties are wonderful and my most popular tools that are perfect for small circle cutouts and texturising. The size variation allows you to create very various designs as well as create lovely geometrical patterns. These tools are perfect for making jewelry, cutting out little circles where you need it on your jewelry, creating dragon scale textures and many more. Larger ones are pretty much  straight forward and ready to use, but smaller ones could be quite hard to hold in your hands. Therefore I suggest to attach it onto a ball or needle tool with some polymer or blue tack and enjoy your texturising process. 

    Simply Dotting Tools are just regular set of ball tools by function, but just prettier, colourful and branded with Mandarin Duck Logo. So nothing very special, but I thought I develop these for my lovely fans and of course they are very good quality too. Also the smallest tool is very very fine and is the smallest on the market.