Custom Orders


  • Pick a journal type and size.
  • Select your theme. (You are probably already inspired by some movie, book, fairytale, a particular style or some of my previously made journals. That would be enough for me and you to start a conversation and to discuss the possible ways of how your future journal could look like.) My GALLERY SECTION holds all of my journals and previously made custom orders. So make sure you take a look for more inspiration.)
  • After design idea is confirmed - I will arrange a  Paypal invoice for your order. (50% Deposit, which is non-refundable. Sorry.)
  • After your payment is made - give me up to 4-10 weeks to work on your order. (Depending on the size and complicity of the journal as well as the queue that may be possible at busy times of the year times may vary, but we will discuss it prior to the payment personally with every customer). During this process, I love to tease my customers with work in progress pictures and usually, everyone is very excited! Then, of course, you will see a photo of a ready made item and then I will send it to you via Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed For Services.


Custom sized journals, as well as specific journal requests, are possible to do. Usually, if you have a very particular idea about the journal you want, you should know that I don't make journals myself, I only make covers. So for example, if you want to have a journal with removable sheets, then perhaps it is best you buy the desired journal cover first and then I can make an artwork on it! Many of my previous customers love buying their own journals and get decorated by me, but I also can help you to find a journal that you want if you don't even know where to start! SO...
Please contact me prior that, so we can discuss the whole idea and the process!





* - All prices are in British Pounds
Please use XE.COM calculator for the most up to date conversion rate to your currency.
The final price may also vary depending on the complicity of your design and idea. Some ideas take more time and effort than others to accomplish. 
* - Amounts can be paid in multiple instalments. Please e-mail me for more information!

A6 [Front cover ONLY] - 180
A6 [Back & front cover] - 210
A6 [Back & front + Spine or Leather Strap] - 240
A6 [Back & front with leather strap ,magnet and book spine] - 260

A5 [Front cover ONLY] - 360
A5 [Back & front cover] - 420 
A5 [Back & front + Spine or Leather Strap] - 480 
A5 [Back & front with leather strap ,magnet and book spine] - 510

A4 [Front cover ONLY] - 750
A4 [Back & front cover] - 800
A4 [Back & front + Spine or Leather Strap] - 810 
A4 [Back & front with leather strap ,magnet and book spine] - 835 

A3 [Front cover ONLY] - 1100
A3 [Back & front cover] - 1450
A3 [Back & front + Spine or Leather Strap] - 1550
A3 [Back & front with leather strap, magnet and book spine] - 1600

Prices for Kindle covers will be approximately the same as A5 journal prices. It all depends on the size of your kindle. Kindle covers must be sent to me to work on and should have a hard surface to attach the cover too.

Please contact me for more info:


The price for a box is quite specific, depending on how much you would want it covered with the material, what material is the actual box from and many other factors. For the approximate price see similar size journals and add approx extra 50-70% of that price. For a precise price please contact me personally:


The price of the figurine or a cake topper is going to depend on the size and complicity of the artwork, but as an example, this cake topper shown on the left was 4.5'' in diameter and cost £350+ Shipping. As this is a 3D artwork, it will always be more pricy than a journal. For a precise price please contact me personally:


Prices for every requested piece are very individual because of the size, design and amount of material difference. Please have a look at my Etsy Shop Jewelry section to have an idea of approximate pricing and please contact me personally

* - All prices are in British Pounds and the dollar price may change according to the current exchange rate. Please use XE.COM calculator for the most up to date conversion rate.
The final price may also vary depending on the complicity of your design and idea. Some ideas take more time and effort than others to accomplish. 


* - All the Tracking and Signature services aim to deliver to Western Europe within 2-5 working days, Eastern Europe within 3-5 working days and worldwide within 5-7 working days.
* - The availability of our Tracking and Signature services depends on where your item is going. MORE DETAILS HERE

  • In the UK packages are sent via Royal Mail 1st class mail. Next day delivery is available for an extra price (please ask).

I love creating my own special pieces when I get inspired in my own time, but sometimes I like to get out of my comfort zone and create a custom order for a client if I like the requested idea. 

Due to a large amount of work not all of the custom orders are being accepted, but I try to do my best to satisfy the client's needs if I can, and if I can't I might send you to some fellow clay artist who makes particular things better than I do and loves doing them more than me. This way you get what you wanted and I don't make things I don't like, as you wouldn't want to own something I didn't make with 100% effort and love. 

Mostly I specialise in making a dragon, animal, bird, fantasy and nature inspired journals. 
I will most likely decline human figure scenes and dark gothic stuff (even if I've done these before) as I just don't feel that my heart wants to talk about those. I hope you understand this and don't think I am picky or selfish. I just want to feel happy when I do my art so that my love, passion and emotions flow into your heart from mine through the artwork I will make for you.

But please, write to me in any case as I know some amazing journal artists who can make things I can't or don't want to! OK?

Thank you so much, 

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