My name is Aniko aka Mandarin Duck and I am absolutely obsessed with polymer clay and creative life.
Filming Youtube tutorials, sculpting from polymer clay and playing with other craft materials is my life. I am a jewelry designer , polymer clay sculptor (since June 2009) and a Youtube craft’s guru and I am not ever planning to give up on it. I truly believe in what I do and I have a great mission in this world to inspire other artists to never give up, stay creative and strong on this absolutely beautiful, but sometimes a bit tough journey of being an artist.
On my Youtube channel I really try to teach people how to make their own beautiful things, so that they don’t spend a lot of money, develop their skills, gain new abilities and discover new hobbies and materials. I honestly think that a handmade gift is worth so much more as it contains that precious energy of love of a person that made it. So basically I teach people to gift love to other people and I think it’s great!
My creative life is getting more and more interesting each day and thanks to all of my subscribers and followers – I become discovered more and more by different people with different interests. So in my daily routine ( if you can call it routine…) I sculpt, paint, bake, take pictures, film tutorials, edit, research and try to smile a lot. Every day during my artistic journey I get to know many creative people, some of them are influential and inspiring, some of them are in need of influence, advice and inspiration. Some of them are successful and some of them truly believe that they will never succeed. I am here to give a helping hand tho those who are loosing faith in themselves, support them and guide them in the beginning of their creative journey.
“I know you can do it. Just believe… and walk. Walk every day in that sacred direction. Through falling, through pain and tears, through happy moments of success, through sadness and pain and through appreciation or rejection… Just walk.. and you will get there. I promise.”

Here you can see few pictures of my studio ( updated autumn 2015).

My studio is a tiny little room, but it's just enough for all my needs. I like that window overlooks the brick wall as in summer I like to decorate it in flower baskets and a large outer windowsill is always filled with flowers and greenery. I have 2 tables in the studio. In summer I can come out to the garden straight through the window.

I decided not to take a photo all dressed up, but instead to show you a neat version of real me when I am on my creative mission. A simple t-shirt, a comfy cardigan on top to keep me warm, some outrageous knitted socks and hareem trousers is what I love best. Scarf is there to keep my neck warm and make me look and feel like an artist. There is a saying that artist should always wear a scarf. Majority of artists I know really do so!

And this is my artillery of tools, pens, sharpies, markers and this is only what fits into cups and glasses. All the paints, chalks, crayons and inks are hidden elsewhere.

Please see my Publications Page to find some posts about my art by other websites, online and printed magazines and blogs.


I believe in love and support that people can give to each other, therefore I do support multiple charities. If you are a supporter, this can also make us connected in a way as we both work towards changing our Planet to be a better and kinder place.

Charities I support:

Vedic Planetarium - Building the Vedic Planetarium to show people the real Vedic concept of the Universe. 

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