Thursday, 12 February 2015

"The Garuda Necklace"

Hello my sweet honey bunnies and all the other followers!

I am very thrilled to finally show my latest necklace - "The Garuda Necklace".
In the past year I got very interested in ancient Vedas and I learnt quite a lot about the mythical creatures from there.
As it is stated in the ancient Vedas, Lord Krishna's private transport is a large bird-a-like mythical creature named Garuda. This is one of the most important creatures in the universe and he looks like half man and half bird. In my version I didn't wanted a human being's body parts to be involved so I ended up making a very royal looking, highly decorated bird and named him Garuda.
He is the source of inspiration and attraction for all the birds and he gives them the powers to fly. He is the one who makes the gravity non existant for the birds. He is the one who serves Lord Krishna and carries him around everywhere and can travel through the universe in split seconds. This is how powerful he is.
But enough talking and telling stories. You might not be even interested in those. Although you will surely appreciate the effort, the precision and the uniqueness of this piece.

Tutorial for this necklace is filmed, so sometime this year it will come out, too! 

You might want to see more pictures of this necklace ( total 12 pics) on my FLICKR PAGE

Thank you so much for reading, 
Love ya!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Multi-Shaped Dottie Cutters

Hello my dear friends!

This is just a quick update on your requests about having Dottie tools in different shapes!
This is a bit time consuming to make and require some skills of working with pliers, but this is what I came up with.. to make a whole set it took me about 30 minutes and I used flat and rounder jewellery making pliers I had ( see the picture)...
This is what I got for now, perhaps tomorrow I will play with them and clay and will find out what all these cool shapes look like when cut out :)

You might be scared to play with your only set and I understand that. I also won't bother making these different shaped sets for sale as this will take all of my time and won't be worth not the time, not the effort. But just so that you know... there is an option, it is rather easy to do.. And.. Soon I will have some other same sized sets of Dotties available so that you can buy same size in a pack of 10 for example and play with creating your own sets! Maybe not flowers or hearts, but surely it would be handy to make your own squares, triangles and especially drops that can be used for tears, petals and many more.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you would risk doing this yourself? Or is it something you would never risk doing with your Dotties?

Friday, 30 January 2015

Dotties are back!

Hello my sweet Dottie lovers and those who haven't met them yet! :) 

I am happy to announce that Dotties are back in stock and are available for shipping in the next 4-5 days! You can start ordering again my lovelies! 

I am eager to see what projects you will do with dottie tools. If there is anything you want to show me, send me the link in the comment or to
You can also post on Facebook and tag me in! xxx

Here is some cool stuff and technical info!




Thank you so much for loving the dotties and for all of your support!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Necklace Sizes in a cool way!

Hello guys!
I was educating myself about the lengths of necklaces so that when working on my newest collection, I could determine what sizes of chains to do for which jewellery. I ended up stumbling upon this cool picture. Explains everything and looks cool! Perhaps click on it to zoom in and save it on your desktops or even print it out! HANDY :)
Click to enlarge!