Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Stamp & Tutorial Sellection Tables

Hello everyone!

This is a specific post that shows the exact ordering numbers for the Mandarin Duck Texture Stamp styles. Please use the exact numbers from the picture for the exact styles you like. 
I will be sending you out a Kickstarter Official Survey and will be waiting your style selections in return. Thanks :) 


Monday, 23 May 2016

Baby Saphire Dragon Locket

Hello everyone and welcome!
Today I am willing to show you my newest necklace.
This is a Baby Saphire Dragon and he has only hatched out of his egg a few days ago. He is a little cutie and he loves to spend all of his time sitting in the shadows of the leafs and drinking dew drop water.

I love his cute face expressions and I am feeling content with how small this pendant actually is and how detailed it managed to come out. So far it is the smallest dragon by age and size I have ever created.

The necklace itself is a locket type and it was particularly requested to be like that as my client wanted to have her and her daughter's pictures in it. It's a present for her lovely daughter. The story behind this locket is also very beautiful, but right now I am not allowed to reveal it yet, as the girl is still unaware that she is going to get this present. Shhhh! Top Secret! :)

The back of the dragon is decorated with two precious little wings and a lot of golden bumps and swirls. Dragon scales were made with DOTTIES.

The back is rather simple and has Mandarin Duck logo on it.   I particularly like the way how all of the crystals are going in a perfect colour gradient from fuchsia to green. Glad I had all the variety of crystals for this job :)

Also I didn't want the crystals to be too blingy and in your face, therefor I decided to place them in an interesting way, on the side, so only at some moments it will sparkle with the colours of the rainbow and then be quite subtle again. 
Here is the final photo of the whole piece!

Thank you for stoping by, 
Love & Peace, 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Grab Your Textures!

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share with you my Mandarin Duck Texture Stamps (c) 2nd collection. 
It is a very exciting and important time of my life, as this is the biggest sole project I have ever done so far regarding the branded products I have ever made.
I don't want to be talking a lot today, as what I would like to show you speaks for itself completely!
It's a visual thing, not verbal! :) But few more words just before that!
So, for those who missed it all, I have a KICKSTARTER PROJECT set up to support the funding of my 2nd stamp collection. Production is a complicated and expensive thing, so I need your support and I have prepared a lot of rewards for my backers and supporters. So all you need to do is CLICK HERE and check out the project and the reward system on the right hand side of the page.
Then, if you are willing to give a little helping hand - click on BACK THIS PROJECT and you will be offered some options to choose from.
We have 27 days left and during the first 3 days we accumulated over 16% of the total amount with the help of 36 backers! SO EXCITING!!!
For now no more words, let's enjoy the texture stamp collection and PLEASE TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS and ask any questions. I will be here to reply :)
If this preview isn't working, CLICK HERE!

Thank you,